Dad’s trip to Moscow and Paris???

Moscow.carousel 035

I suspect that dad had a blast here. He loved snow. It never really bothered him. Partially because when I was old enough shoveling the driveway was my problem. I hate snow. I hate shoveling the driveway. I hate mowing to, its why I don’t make my kids mow without me. I hate the process and the concept, so I help them.

It is a normal progression of life. You think your parents did it wrong so as a parent you do it differently. But in the end the result is the same. Your kids grow up and have children and they go the other way, having their kids do everything. So in the end it is a vicarious cycle.

Dad said the best part of the trip to Moscow was the bread and cheese. He said it was cold the whole time but he loved the bread and cheese. Figures, dad could eat cheese 24 by 7.

carousel 040

So this is either the grand canal in Moscow or it is transitioned to Paris. The reason for this transition  The next picture appears to be the Eiffel Tower so I suspect this may be the River Seine.

It was hard on mom when dad was gone. She ended up being wholly responsible for everything. Dad was gone for a month or more without being able to come home. There were a few trips when he was gone for a month plus and the airmail letters arrived only a couple of days before he actually got home.

One time we went up to get our new dog (Frosty) and picked dad up at O’Hare airport. Frosty was a Great Pyrenees and in the end she was crazy. Had we not been so excited to see dad we would have noticed the warning signs of her crazy before we picked him up. As it was we didn’t notice the crazy for a couple of years. Anyway, we wandered up to Southern Wisconsin where the breeder was, and then down to Chicago to get dad.

carousel 045

This appears to be the Eiffel Tower in the fog. A really cool picture. I am still sad about the events of Paris. The pain is fresh and raw. It reminded me of 9/11 and all the other horrible events of the past few years.

This is a glorious picture, taken in the time before all these horrible events. Perhaps we can pull the good feelings forward.

My memories of Paris are funny. I remember arriving the very first time in 197excited to be going to the tomb of Napoleon. I had read about the American and French Revolutions in school so going to where they second occurred was exciting. We had been to Washington DC the summer before we headed off to Thailand and on the way to Thailand we touched down at UNESCO HQ, located near the Eiffel Tower in Paris France. We stayed in a French Hotel not a big chain hotel and it was an amazing experience. Poor mom had to go to the places I was dying to go to so her memories may be of running around Paris. My memories were of making history real!


Family Historian…

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