Images of Paris from the 1980’s

I suspect this is a side gate to the UNESCO building in in Paris. This is 20 years before 9/11 and the recent Paris bombings so there is security but you can see the security carousel 050

isn’t as tight as it would be now. I had the reality of traveling a lot during the period right before and right after 9/11. I can honestly say the world changed that day. People didn’t move through airports with the joy of traveling. They moved through airports to get away from the pain of security. Standing in lines became the minimum. We also traveled to Thailand during the initial Sky Jacking period so security was lighter then than it would be in the mid-70’s.

Not that I am complaining. It just changes the way people travel forever. Things that you could once simply say “oh well” weren’t the case anymore. So it’s a nice memory to see the open security gates of the 1980’s.

carousel 055

The UNESCO building in Paris. UNESCO, or the United National Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization focuses on helping countries achieve their cultural, educational and scientific goals. Focused on education and building the infrastructure a country needs to help its citizens. It is a citizen service organization.

It was really cool that dad worked for them in the years right after the founding of the Peace Corps. Although knowing how much dad loved John Kennedy I suspect it was inevitable that he would be a part of the great movement that JFK started. Making the world a better place and making education better for everyone was dad’s dream.

carousel 060

I should flip this image so its legible. The sign wasn’t reversed in the original image just during the scanning of the slide.

When we were in Paris in 1972 we loved the warm milk and croissants every day for breakfast. For lunch we would have hard cheese and a beget. I have to say that was my least favorite meal. I don’t much like cheese in any form. I did love the warm beget that we would get from the bakery near the hotel.

That (1972) was the longest time I spent in Paris (2 weeks). I’ve been back three times beyond that but never again stayed that long.


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