Images of Europe and a visit to the Beanie Institute!

carousel 065

I have a lot of pictures of things like this. Something US while traveling overseas. It just makes you, for the moment feel like you are home or at least a piece of home is there with you. When I was in Kuala Lumpor we decided one night (the Aussie’s I was with and myself) to go to the Hard Rock Café. Just to feel a little closer to home. It was by far the worst meal I had ever had. All of us were up all night because of that meal. So thereafter we stayed with Malaysian food.

I guess you have to be careful when you are away from home and are wistful and need a reminder of home.

carousel 070

A great visual demonstration of the impact of Kharst Topography. Its all over Indiana.    This one is somewhere in France. Kharst Topography is where the cave ceiling collapses and creates a sink hole. Dad loved geology as much as he did botany. He and I spent hours looking for fossils in the creek near our house and near lake Monroe. He would wander to the huge cuts that had been made in the bedrock to put roads in and we would search there. We found many wonderful fossils over the years. Dad would often know what they were right away or we would go find a book and look them up. Back in the days before the internet hunting fossils was a great way to spend a Saturday.

carousel 075

The Beanie Institute. This image from  before Jakki was born but The Bean and Beanie was a nickname she had for a long time. I wonder if this is the institute that studies how beanies stay on people’s heads in heavy wind?

Dad’s sense of humor was often present in the pictures he took. Things he found funny that he snapped and then stuck in a Carousel or a box, no one else seeing the humor.

I don’t think he cared, as long as he thought it was funny!


Family Historian…

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