A huge thank you to the superstars and made the Family History project possible!!!!!!


Me from the Cruise Ship. Hot, I remember being hot. I miss hot. It is freaking cold right now.

I would like to take a moment this morning and play back an old theme. I would like to thank the three primary scanners that led the Family History scanning project. I have completed two distinct books already for the family history project (Volume 1 and Volume 2) and shared those with my family. Without the scanners there would be no project. So while I am remembering warm I am always warmly remembering the three great people that stepped up and delivered results!

Luke, Nick and Jakki thank you, there would be no family history project without the three of you. Your contribution, effort and dedication made the project possible and I thank you!  Someday the value of the project will become apparent and you will look back fondly at doing that and making the digital memories for everyone!

For those of you interested – I’ve lost 30 pounds since this picture. Being back in the tropics kicked in my old dietary habits and I was actually able to lose weight on a cruise ship. I also lost the goatee for the first time in many years and am now working on a 1/2 no shave November beard (I started the beard on November 15). Again though, thank you to the three superstar kids that gave their time and effort in making the family history project successful. I have now published more than 1200 pictures of family moments added with memories and wanderings of mine.

carousel 080

Back to Carousel 4 and the streets of Europe. I love the cobble stone streets in some European cities. They (cobblestones) were around long before the cars that ride on them now. Sometimes the streets the cars are on were added long after the car was invented.

Sometimes the streets are so narrow they only have room for one car going one way. Except then in Italy where no matter how narrow there is always room for two cars, you just have to use the magic car narrowing device (the horn) and shout a lot. If you shout a lot you expel air from the car making the car effectively thinner and you can squeeze past the other drivers in the street that is too narrow for one car but now has two!

carousel 085

The mix of old and new houses also intrigues me. We lived for awhile in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Western Hills. It was an old neighborhood clustered around a large park (with a pool) and a church. The church had bells that shook our house, they were loud and really close.

Most of the houses around us were built in the 1930’s as was our house. It was 60 years old by the time we moved in. Nothing like the 200, 300, and 400 year old homes in Europe. But for us that was an old home. Perspective is everything!


Family Historian…

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