Shameless Review–Canon MF8500C

There are a number of things going on right now that I haven’t reviewed or talked about so a day off from the Family History project for a Shameless Review!

First off, I like having a color laser printer at home. It cuts down on the times I have to go to work to print a single document, and it cuts down on the same for everyone else in the house.

Things I Love:

  • Device setup is fast and easy
  • I connected to my network and everything could print to it in seconds.
  • Duplex printing is quick and reduces the amount of paper you use by a lot!
  • Software is nice.
  • Does faxing and scanning all from my laptop
  • Has a sheet feeder to scan a number of pages
  • has a mobile application – that works for scanning and faxing as well as printing from my iOS and Android Devices!

Things I don’t like:

  • Toner is still expensive (although a lot less than HP)
  • Fax answers the phone on the 2nd ring if the phone you are using isn’t directly connected to the answering machine port.

We’ve had the printer for about 6 months. It replaced the HP we had before that for nearly 6 years. So first kudos to the HP printer for still operating after 6 years of moderate printing! The canon is a little smaller and a little smarter about Wi-Fi networks which means it is easily printed to from any device. I use it as my iOS printer. It does a great job on color printing.

Overall this device costs a lot less, is cheaper to operate and has high quality prints. Canon has come a long way in the printer market in the past few years. I am down to three printers in the house (and one portable printer) and two of the three are Canon.

If you are in the market for a home color printer – this is the one!


Canon Printer fan!

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