Wandering Sydney Australia and funny signs along the way…

carousel 075

A Pub, dad loved them. I think his love of Pubs started on our trip to Ireland (John Kennedy was Grand Man). They are wonderful places to visit.

This one from Australia. Most likely near the University.

I love the awning. It reminds me of Cambridge Wisconsin. Another place where Bars are a big deal (my grandfather used to joke that there was a Bar at every turn of country roads in Wisconsin. There wasn’t  but it sure it feel like as we were driving along). Cambridge, the last time I went in 2006 was not the town I remembered.

carousel 080

One of the most amazing parts of a trip to Australia is the scenery. It is simply a beautiful place. So many wonderful places to see. It isn’t Indiana or Kansas. Of course, if it is your first trip to Kansas or to Indiana the same is true there are so many wonderful places to see. If you look, no matter where you are there is something that can be seen.

I find myself this holiday season missing dad. Its wonderful thinking about how the things he did for me as I grew up. But a part of me still wants to hear him call me “Tiger” one more time. He hadn’t called me that for more than 40 years but for some unknown reason I want to hear that one more time. I don’t even know if there is a recording of him calling me that Nickname.


Walking around Sydney I found this sign. Yes I have a strange sense of humor. I suspect I was thinking of using this in a presentation at one point or another. I used to do a series of pictures showing how people interact with the world around them. Keeping left is a good thing to do when walking on the left side of the road. If you are on the right side of the road it is best to keep right. The sign presentation was talking about context and attention.

My friend and I walked everywhere in Sydney. Literally. On the first day (Saturday) that were both in town we walked about 5 miles. On the second day we wanted to get some trinkets for various people so we walked to the market, then decided to wander back to where the Opera house sits. It ended up being about a 12 mile walk – great times!


Family Historian

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