Random history project wandering historic Maryland/Virginia…

The C&O canal. This is the output from one of the locks from the canal. Some of the locks are still operational.  This is Dylan’s favorite walk. The only problem is the number of rabbits and squirrels.

We are doing lessons this spring to reduce the overall stress of the prey drive and help us become better canine citizens. I am sure there will be some frustration on both sides (human and dog) during that process.

The thing to remember about the C&O canal is that for the most part it was hand dug. There were tools used but human labor dug the canal. I find that amazing to see now. It has held the test of time and when you think about it was an amazing feat not only of engineering but of the human spirit.

Happy Holidays to all on this day!

There are a number of trails like this on near our house. We are close to three separate C&O restorations and we have the Great Seneca state park literally two miles from the house. Maryland is into planned committees in particular the concept of greenways between neighborhoods.

The lawn in Front of Mount Vernon. We spent a long day there a couple of years ago. Just a really beautiful place to go, wander and see the amazing things the first president of the United States was working on. He also had a number of really cool engineering projects going on. I was amazed the first time we took the tour many years ago, they have really expanded what you can actually interact with. I think it is one of the cooler places in the DC area beyond museum row.

The Smithsonian (on the national mall or museum row) is hard to beat. There are more things there than anywhere I have ever been. But Mount Vernon is a close second to the Smithsonian’s. Unless you count the Air and Space museum then in my book it is Air and Space, Rest of the Smithsonian’s, Mount Vernon and then number 4 various segments of the C&O canal.

I have no idea who the child are in the actual picture. Random children playing that I took a picture of.


Family Historian…

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