a special post for my mother..,.

Late blog today so we could take off and drive back from Indiana. Pulled out of mom’s driveway at 6 am and pulled into our driveway,


This is the menu from Christmas Eve. Mom had it on the stove. I don’t know why I had to take a picture of it but I did. It was a fantastic meal but the menu made me laugh.

I told mom I was going to post it.

She was thinking perhaps I had finally gone off the deep end. I may have but I don’t believe this event was the reason.

It is interesting over the past few years how Christmas has changed. The one thing that remains constant is the simple joy of being around family all day. We had so many wonderful conversations and so much good food and just a wonderful day.

Now we have to unpack. That is the worst part of traveling, unpacking.

I will share pictures from Christmas tomorrow when I get a chance to move them over. A huge thank you to my sisters (for setting up the special photo shoot) my sisters for the food and sharing their families and of course my wonderful mother for everything.


Family Historian

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