The argument against getting older. Time passes and never looks back…


While we were in Hawaii we had a picture taken of all mom’s grandchildren in Hawaiian shirts. Mom got the picture, loved it but then asked why not my children? So this picture was taken, along with another that we framed and gave to her with her children and their spouses. I will share that one later on.

I wanted to point out that I talk about my mom and my dad a lot in the family history project. But I do have two fantastic sisters. My sister Lynne is on the left of this image and my sister Barb is on the right. I can’t imagine there are two better sisters in the world than these two. There might be, but they would be extremely rare.

As their big (and significantly older) brother I am proud of them. They are both amazing people.  I don’t say it nearly enough but Barb and Lynne I love you both, and I only wish the two of you the very best!


Madam Raven decided that in her royal way “her was to go” so we packed the Van and the Labs and headed off to Indiana. Raven and Barb argued about who was supposed to sit in the front seat most of the way there. That reminded me of going to Wisconsin years ago with Barb and Gwen arguing the entire way about who was supposed to sit in the front seat. Barb won (barely) that time, but in the end this time Raven used her magic to get Barb to let her ride in front. She rode across Pennsylvania on Barb’s lap in the front seat. A Raven compromise. Raven being a force of nature assumes the world will change around her and because of her. Frankly it has to, Raven doesn’t budge.

She is a wonderful dog by all means, just Lab stubborn.


We spent some time wandering campus while in Bloomington. I had two motivations the first was a mini-college visit for the boys. They haven’t really jumped on the idea of visiting colleges yet but wanted them to have their first one at The Indiana University. Secondly I wanted to create some of my own versions of some of the pictures dad took over the years of campus. This of the mighty Jordan River behind the Indiana University Memorial Union. I know its silly to recreate pictures but sometimes you have to. It is at the very least recapturing a moment years later Thant he original. I love the old limestone bridges (there are two) that cross the Jordan river. It isn’t that the river is deep, but it is polluted. At least it was many years ago it may have been cleaned since the days of old. Barb and I realized that on June 1, 2016 we will have lived away from Bloomington for 25 years. We moved to Cincinnati Ohio on June 1, 1991 and haven’t lived in Bloomington since then. It feels somewhat strange to say that to say that we don’t live there. It feels like a piece of me will always be there. Mom and my sister still live there. We have been there 24 out of the last 25 Christmas’s. It just isn’t where we live anymore.


Wistful Family Historian

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