I am not embarking on 12 days of blogging about Christmas just to let you know…

My sisters, their spouses and of course my spouse and I recreated the picture taken on the Cruise Ship this summer by the grandchildren. The grandchildren63C

informed us that we stole their idea and of course took the picture wrong. I would like at this juncture since I have the sole voice until there are comments, that the grandchildren’s picture was great. It stands on its own, but lacks the gray hair required for a great picture.

Trivia question for today – of all the people in this picture who is not wearing a Hawaiian shirt they purchased in Hawaii?

We actually had a lot of fun on a rainy Wednesday evening in Greenwood Indiana hanging out at the photo studio. We later went out to dinner (Lynne and Gary had to duck home and weren’t able to join us). The picture (people) in order starting with Dana on the floor. Barb on her knees and on the left Lynne, Gary, Barb and then finally me. This crew unchanged for the past 23 years.

I think the last time you saw pictures like this was at one of three weddings. We always did formal pictures of the grandkids but not often of the children. I guess it is part of the transition from child to parent.


Nick and Luke each took a camera and took pictures. This of Courtney and Grandma with the wonder Poodle Napoleon. Napoleon is a massive dog – nearly 100 pounds of Poodle if you can imagine that.

He is also a big sweetie (like Raven) that wouldn’t hurt a flea. He does sound fierce though. Christmas was filled with dogs, people and joy the only person missing was Jakki who had to work through the holidays in her new dog sitting business. She and Tamsyn spent Christmas day at home relaxing and enjoying the peace of quiet of nobody else there. This picture taken by Nick!


Christmas Day lasted about 4 hours. This image taken by Luke of Nick. To the reader that sent me the email about Christmas pictures, I am not going to do 12 days of the pictures taken at Christmas. A funny idea though so I may reconsider. 12 days of blogs about 4 hours of Christmas!

Both of the boys are almost as tall as I am. Luke is maybe a 1/2 inch short of me. Nick is probably an inch to an inch and a half shorter than Luke so there is still hope he stops growing before he passes me. If they get too much taller than dad they have already been told that they will be walking around the house on their knees.


Visual Family Historian!

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