I didn’t learn to be me until I left, but I do miss Bloomington Indiana.


The Indiana Memorial Union. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent there as a student, and before I was a student of Indiana University. The IU Bowling alley (I was in a blowing league from the time I was 12 until I was 18) was there. The Kiva (Coffee Shop) was there. I spent so many hours in the Kiva coffee shop I was amazed they didn’t name a table for me.

For the most part of 23 years I was in and out of this building. I’ve taken the kids through it a couple of times since then, but upon leaving Bloomington as a resident 25 years ago I’ve not spend time in this building. It seems strange now, when I watch this building to think about what once was.

109A2667Mom and Dad have been in Bloomington since 1965. So this marks their 50th year in the town. Dad spent more than 40 years as a student and professor at Indiana University. We were there for perfection (1976). We were there for the peaceful riots of the 1960’s (IU had less violence more peaceful marching). We used to have parties well my parents had parties where there would be discussions of how to save the world, how to fix what was wrong. I remember those conversations.

Christmas Eve 2015, I had to take this picture because years from now I will remember the fact that it was 51 on Christmas. Oh boy are we due for a bad winter. (For those doing the math I moved to Bloomington when I was around 5, lived in Thailand for a year and then moved away when I was 30. I have visited Bloomington 100’s of times since moving away because my family is still there, but haven’t lived there since moving away).

109A2676Today is Indiana University campus day. Its funny, my best memories of campus are actually of being in the school of education. At some point in my sophomore year my dad said hey have lunch in my office. By my senior year that was the lunch ticket in the school of education. Everyone wanted to eat lunch with my dad. We ended up having to move from his office to the corner classroom because there were 10 people eating lunch with us everyday. Dad was a rock star. Everyone who ever had his class loved him. Every student that ever had an issue, or wanted guidance and advice, even though they weren’t his students, he helped them. He was a rock star.

I took some of the pictures dad took, 10 and 20 years later. Not much has changed. I remember back in the day people would tell me “he’s your father – you are so lucky.” Its different when you are his student than when you are his son. I would always smile and say “you never had to do the dishes to his specifications.” As my response to that statement. Yes I was lucky, but its different than people think. I was lucky because I had two great parents who cared. They didn’t always know what to do with me. I was more interested in business and technology and I suspect it was a tough gap to bridge at times. But in the end I was lucky they were my parents, just not for the reason all the students and teachers I met thought.


Family Historian…

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