4th day of Christmas pictures (I promise I am not doing 12 days!).


This is Tamsyn from Christmas 2014. She joined our family a little over a year ago. She is a sweet little dog that tries very hard to be a part of the family but she was raised in a shelter and frankly it is really hard for her. Luckily the other two are happy-go-lucky so her occasional need to be alone doesn’t really impact anyone.

It is hard to believe that this picture was taken when she was about three weeks as a member of our family. That was over a year ago. Now she gets just as excited for the walk as the other two! She really is a very sweet girl and I am glad she is a member of our family. I have to say however. our sectional gets crowded at best. Last night we had everyone on the couch watching Jeopardy. Everyone. Tamsyn. Dylan. Raven. Barb. Jakki, Nick, Luke and me.


Nick’s picture of his brother. Send the two of them out with Camera’s and say take pictures, they take pictures of each other. They don’t quite get it yet, I am trying to pass the family photographer role off to one of them. Jakki gets it and is happy to take lots of event pictures but she was still in Maryland working. I guess its going to take a few more events before I get them understanding the importance of taking family event pictures. They did a good job, it just takes some convincing.

I suspect my dad would say the same thing about me at their age so what goes around. comes around. Karma is a heartless b*&$*h.

PIC_0537There is a little Santa Clause beard started there in the left corner of this picture. It didn’t used to be gray when it would come in. It used to come in a really dark brown. Of Couse when I was younger it came it less than thick.  Now it is thicker but gray. It seems fate intervened. Or perhaps time intervened. What used to be young is now old.

My primary reason for not wanting to take pictures is to watch the joy on other people’s faces when they open their presents. I really enjoy that a lot more than I enjoy opening my own presents. If I really want something I will buy it. But watching someone else open a gift is just a wonderful experience.


Family Historian…

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