Idyllic days on the Farm and the dog who would not be caged!

carousel 001

A Carousel simply titled subject 17. This is a picture of Frosty our insane Great Pyrenees and behind her the pond on the farm. Frosty for whatever reason didn’t like fences. She would run away all the time. Once while in heat she returned with a special surprise (giving birth to a puppy one night. We stayed up all night with her but the puppy didn’t make it). She would climb over an electric fence to get free. For whatever reason she decided she was not a dog to be fenced in.

Directly behind this picture is where mom and dad put the barn (Ogle’s place) and later the house. The garage was back and a little behind this particular spot. There was a long wooden walkway from the garage to the house. Originally it was gravel but the wood walk way was added later.

carousel 005

We built a volleyball court. I love volleyball and it took a whole day to find the right spot, dig the holes for the poles, let the cement dry and then mount the net. We would set up the volleyball net for parties dad would throw.

He would have his students over twice a year or so, and there was always a volleyball game. We also had a basketball goal out behind the house and for a time there was an above ground pool. Both my sister (Lynne) and I ended up having pools at our houses. I wonder if that old above ground pool influenced those decisions? I know having a pool influenced my decision to move to a house in Maryland with a neighborhood pool (I don’t have to open that pool or clean it, just enjoy it!)

carousel 010

Subject 17 so far has been Andersen Acres (The Farm). Dad put two large A’s above the garage door. We begged him not to put AA on the garage but he was determined. I think as much because we asked him not to as anything else.

This also from a party showing the Farm. Dad was going to be a self-sufficient farmer. He did for a time raise cows, pigs and chickens. In all cases the eggs were superior, the ham, bacon and pork chops amazing and the beef was incredible. But the self-sustaining thing never really came to pass. It would have required solar or wind power, and a way to reuse many more things than ended up happening. It was a grand dream for a time though.


Family Historian

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