When the road is covered by water and the snake you never appears what time is it?

Great comment yesterday on Linkedin for my blog. We are born of water, so we seek water to paraphrase. I have heard that quote for years, I think its true but I think the reality of the quote is that some people find peace in or on water, some people find peace seeing water and a third group find peace knowing water exists.

carousel 101We lived on Soi 12 off of Sukcumvit (that is miss spelled sorry).  During the rainy season the street actually flooded. There was a good 8 inches of water on the street itself. I loved it. Mom, was lucky enough to see the snake that lived near our apartment swimming across the water near the pool. I suspect based on her love of snakes we are lucky she didn’t hop into the water and get the family a new pet. Mom has a healthy love of snakes. She loves to see stuffed snakes. She is even willing to acknowledge there is a place and purpose for snakes to exist on this planet. She however, does not want snakes anywhere near her. Ever. Fastest way to get my mother to scream is to say “look at the pretty snake there by your feet.” I know because as I said I was a difficult child.

carousel 105Our apartment complex was near the end of Soi 12. There was not much beyond us. We lived on the 4th floor of the apartment complex. I think it was around 8-12 stories high. I know there were a few apartments above ours and a roof we could gain access to. We used to play on the roof of the building. Not my sister and I, but friends from school I had over and I played on the roof. I suspect I would have been in trouble had I encouraged my sister to play up on the roof (either one of them). This second picture of the traditional bicycle transportation. You would also see motor scooters. We used to count the people on a single scooter. Two for, meant two people, I once saw a five for, five people riding on a single scooter.

carousel 110The Apartment itself was quite large. Coming in the main entrance there was to the left a huge showier area and a kitchen. To the right was a study that later became Lynne and Mao’s bedroom. (Mao was the daughter of the woman that lived with us and cooked, cleaned etc. Calling her a maid wasn’t really fair, she taught us Thai, about cooking and life in general. Simply Patana was an amazing person. It was like having a second mother at a time in my life when the first mother was more than enough. No offence mom, I was a difficult child I know). Next up was the dinning room and the connected living room. If you continued straight you would walk out onto the huge patio/porch. On the left past the kitchen were two bedrooms the first was originally the kids room, later was Barb and my room. The last room was mom and dad’s and there was a bathroom between the two bedrooms. The water heater was not always on which was an interesting experience. If you wanted to take a bath or a shower you had to pre-heat the water.


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