The last slides of Thailand #3. Images of a trip to the Ocean…

carousel 125

Thailand was my first exposure to the Ocean a lot. By that statement I mean that we could, and did go to the Ocean all the time. This beach near Bangkok.

I grew and do love the ocean. I find as I have written about many times the very water to be restful. I realize the Ocean is a mighty conveyance and can crush me with so little as a wave. But I love it. Being in Thailand helped me find that love of the ocean, that love of being in, on or near the Ocean. To this day it is a peaceful quiet part of me. One that enjoy. So as we head into the last day of Thailand #3 posts we end with the Ocean.

carousel 130

As I have said before dad was a really good photographer. I could get this same shot, but I would have to take 30 to get there. He got it, one shot framed perfection.

I am building a display area in the basement for his old cameras. I suspect someday people will look at the things we are passing down to our kids as something silly. But it is fun to collect things your kids can enjoy later. To say this is yours. We have my grandfather and my great-grandfathers pocket watches – Nick wants those. We have the family copper kettle that passes to Luke and my other grandfather’s coin collection that passes to Jakki. Becca gets the 1920’s working Singer Sewing machine. It actually still sews. So each of them gets something from the past to connect all of us together.

carousel 127

There in the small distance of this last picture from Carousel Thailand #3 is us. Well most of us. Dad is taking the picture. A trick I learned from him. If you take the pictures you don’t have to be in them!

I recognize me standing, there on the beach. I recognize Lynne sitting on the outside and I think she is next to mom. It seems strange that between the moment the light struck this beach and now it in reflecting off the surface has gone 43 light years. Beyond the closest stars to our solar system. 43 years. Nearly 44 years in fact. Life has intervened in that time. The world has changed. We lost our photographer in that time but the rest of us are still there. We still laugh. We still wander to the Ocean as a group when we can (last August in Hawaii!). Family is captured by pictures, but held together with love.


Family Historian

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