After three days we reached the end of the driveway and as you can see the street in front of the house!!!!!!


Around 4pm yesterday we were finally to the street. Able to move the fan and as you can see the street itself was plowed and we were able to cross it. So a picture of the house. You can see two solar panels on the upper left side of the roof. Just the edges of the panels so they weren’t producing much power the last few days.

That mound of snow is what the boys dug through after the plow rolled by. Just wide enough for a car and a little extra. That way someone backing out won’t accidently back into the snow pile. That took awhile but I suspect some of that was boys taking breaks. They did a good job overall. Just like to take the occasional break.


Here is the work crew after finishing. They were in the back yard playing with their dog. Although as you can see from the picture there was no dog, and lots of snow balls flying towards each other. The dog was out there for awhile but got bored with the snow ball fight and went back inside.

There evening activity on their last night of freedom (School resumes Wednesday) was to invite the neighbors over and have a D&D campaign. They are really into D&D right now. I remember being really into D&D around their age. I also remember it was fun to be into something my dad thought wasn’t well he didn’t care much for D&D.


The boys and Tamsyn. She is an interesting dog. She grew up in a shelter and really hasn’t been around other dogs directly, and people directly. She is really trying to be part of a family but she doesn’t understand the rules yet. She is a lot better now than she was when we first got her. The first 6 months she disappeared and hid in the basement. Now she comes up, interacts with everyone. She growled at Barb one time, but now comes and sits with her. Its part of the wind down process we do every night, relax and watch Jeopardy. It is fun to just be there and relax, answering questions. So Dylan and Raven come join us and sit on the couch, getting Jeopardy pets. Tamsyn does as well now, although not as long, she normally ducks out before double Jeopardy.

Family history projects aren’t always about what was. Sometimes they can be about what happened yesterday. In this case, the last three blogs about the big snow in DC. Back to Slide Carousel’s tomorrow!


Family Historian

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