I can honestly say, it was a tough transition from Bloomington Indiana to Bangkok Thailand.

There is poverty in Thailand. As a bright eyed idealistic 11 year old it shook me.carousel 015

I worried and still worry about the poverty in the world. So much of poverty requires we build, maintain and deliver education that gets everyone moving forward. My father believed that and spent his entire professional life working towards that.

Personally I believe technology can offer the educational equality world wide. I wrote, in my book The Syncverse, of an educational system that would be available for teachers anywhere. Pieces of the dream I have in that book are live now. Ted Talks and the Khan Academy are two great examples (and there are many others) of ways to educate more people.

carousel 020

When water is the highway boats are the cars you need. I love boats. Well I love water, I love being on water and I love boats. So the many trips we took where we were on the water always amazing.

Teak is a strong wood that works well for so many things. It has a deeper beauty than many woods do. It is a softer brown when treated than the darker Mahogany more like a Red Oak. My mother has a lot of teak furniture that is more than 40 years old and you couldn’t tell it was that old. Partially because for many years I was banned from even being in the same room (kidding mom) as the furniture. No it is actually strong wood that last a long time.

carousel 025

When rivers are roads and roads are still roads than the shop at the intersection of the two has the best of both world’s. You get both kinds of traffic! The street vendors are very different at least they were for an 11 year old that had been living in Indiana. At the end of the year I grew to love street and roadside vendors. I will always stop at neat looking places along the way. The best peaches I’ve ever had were at a Road Side spot in South Carolina. We stopped there on a lark and found amazing things. The best lunch I ever had was a street Gyro in New York City.

Sometimes you just have to be willing to try new things.


Family historian

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