Sometimes a picture, needs the photographer to explain why…(and 20 inches of snow…seriously)…

carousel 034

There are so many pictures that without the context provided by the photographer I have no idea other than they come from a Carousel named Thailand 2. This could be anywhere. There are a few slides that were put in the various Carousels that weren’t of the location specified. But that was dad’s sense of humor. He would enjoy the patter of talking about Thailand, like when he was driving a tour boat in Wisconsin Dells as a young man. Then out of the blue someplace that he thought was funny or strange enough that people would stop, and then he would make a joke about something. You could see them coming from 100 miles away but more than 1/2 the time he got me.

carousel 040

Slides, pictures and VHS tapes decay (audio tapes as well). The rate of decay is relevant to the storage environment and the age of the media. Recently while cleaning my basement I found a collection of my father’s old (or possibly my mothers old) classical records. One of them slipped out of the case as they were being carried, and because of the age of the records it shattered (two more records then leapt to their death) sad to lose records that were more than 50 years old. Media that isn’t digital decays. Digital media decays as well, but if you have multiple copies including one in the cloud you aren’t impacted by the life span of a hard drive. So, my semi-monthly plea to write down your memories and share your pictures Smile family history projects aren’t just remembering what happened 20 years ago. They are also about what happened this week and the memories associated with the media you have!

carousel 045

Dad often took pictures that captured both the life style of the people but also the determination. These ladies carrying goods to market to sell. Perhaps at a market (there were many) or perhaps simply along the side of the street.

Street vendors are the health of a city. If there are many the city is doing well. If there are few, the city isn’t doing as well. You can gauge oppression and frustration by the presence or absence of street vendors. I enjoy stopping in the many cities I’ve been to, sampling the food and talking to them. Finding out what makes things go. Street vendors know so much!

PS this link is for my sisters. The Blizzard of 1978 dumped 20 inches of snow on the ground (the month of January 1978 had 30 inches). So well…


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