Memories of a Sherlock Holmes Cape,,,

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One really quick arrange and then on to talking about Thailand (mostly because while this is an entrance to something, I have no idea what the something is).

I am a cutting edge technologist. I push the edges of what is possible in my daily life, it is part of what I love to do. That means that when things fail I expect that. So, I frequently have two sets of technology. Stable, easy and consistent and the cutting edge. I’ve noticed more and more that my stable environment is Apple based. In part because I couldn’t be an Apple user for many years, but also now because of two very simple things. 1. Being that everything just works. 2. Being that not only does it work, but setup is simple and managed. So end Arrange – Google and Microsoft time to make setup easier!

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Some of dad’s students in Thailand or as they eventually became his peers. Dad and mom were both awesome about teaching people how to succeed and then transitioning to that person being their peer and working side by side. It is  an amazing gift and they both have it in abundance.

Mom was staying home while we were in Bangkok. She actually returned to work shortly after Barb was born but took the year in Bangkok off. She was always there for us when we got home from school. Everyday she would be there waiting, sometimes in the pool with Barb, or first semester Barb and Lynne.

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Mom was/is amazing at designing and sewing clothes, quilts and well just about anything. While we were in Bangkok mom cut out cold weather gear from wool. She actually made a Sherlock Holmes cape that she wore on our way home from Thailand. We stopped by to visit our friends the Kondo’s (the same one’s we visited this August while in Hawaii). Dr. Kondo, like dad was working for UNESCO and was stationed in Kabul Afghanistan. We stopped by for a week on our way back to Paris, and then the US. Mom wore her amazing Sherlock Holmes cape the entire time we were there. Hopefully as we move through pictures we will find a picture of the cape and hat. I think the most important lesson mom taught me was to be creative. That to think differently was OK.


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