The Kings Apple’s and shouting Police, Police!!!

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This is the exterior of the Kings Palace in Bangkok Thailand.  The King was experimenting with Apples so he was on dad’s really cool people list. One memory that I have (or as my mother like’s to say “it is your memory”) is of being in the Hotel the first month or so we were there. UNESCO put us up in a nice hotel and I actually started going to BPS (Bangkok Patana School) while we were still at the hotel. The memory is getting up really early (school started at 6:30 am to avoid the heat). The thing or memory that I have is mom telling me I could be responsible for my own restaurant meals in the early morning. She would get up, make sure I had a clean school uniform then she would head back to watching my sisters. I got to go downstairs like an adult and order my own breakfast. I felt like I was an adult.

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Mom and I have the same taste in Movies. We both love physical comedy. So we made sure to go to every single one of the Pink Panther movies starring Peter Sellers. But in Bangkok the movie that we ended up going to was it’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad world. Mom and I embarrassed dad because of how loud we laughed. I loved going to movies with mom. It was a time we could forget about everything and just enjoy. But the movie story from Bangkok was the great wuthering heights debacle. Mom and Miss Hart decided that Lynne and I needed to see the classic English Drama Wuthering Heights. There was a theater that had been playing the movie. Sadly the Wuthering Heights run was over the day before we went, which we found out when the Vampire movie came on the screen. Mom and Miss Hart rushed Lynne and I out of the theater.

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Another fun mom story from back in the day. I wasn’t with her when this one happened but mom was incredible funny retelling the story and it has stuck with me for more than 40 years. Mom was out one day in our Opal (a really great car we had in Bangkok). While stopped at a stop light another car hit the back of the Opal. Mom got out of the car as the man who hit her got out of the car and mom began shouting “police, police”   in Thai. The man kept trying to tell mom something. But mom kept yelling police, police. Eventually the man was able to convince her that he was in fact an off-duty police officer. Everything was fine in the end. No one hurt and the car was repaired. But mom’s retelling of the story made my laugh then and still makes me laugh. Mom has an incredible sense of humor.


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