Just another shameless review–Smartboard by Kapp

A one day break from the family history project to do a review. I have a huge number of reviews stacked up now. I do restaurant and services reviews on yelp if you are in the northern DC area and looking for a good meal. But technology reviews are here, so let’s do one! For those of you that have followed this blog for a long time my shameless reviews started out on this blog 10 years ago. I moved them to my other blog for a couple of years or so but pulled them back to here based on reader feedback.

I have searched for the perfect combination of paper and pen to digital for a long time. I love the abeam products that convert whiteboards into digital interactive spaces. The problem  with the eBeam products is the size of the markers.

Enter the Smart Board by Kapp. Use regular dry erase markers. Any dry erase markers. No special holder or casing required. You see the magic is in the Smart Kapp board and its software.

What I like:

  • Setup was fast and simple. Using the app on my iPad I literally took a picture of the bar code and was connected to the board.
  • Real time display of what is being drawn on the screen
  • Not huge but big enough to express yourself. (I need whiteboard real-estate)
  • Cleans easily
  • No more camera or iPhone pictures of my whiteboards (I have 100’s of from over the years)
  • I can using my iPad share the active whiteboard in a live meeting. That makes meetings so much more functional.

What I don’t like

  • Has to be mounted on the wall
  • PC software isn’t available today
  • software is ok, could be a lot better. I am hoping upgrades are coming!

Wall space is my one concern. I don’t have as much in my basement work space as I would like so losing a chunk for a smart board is a little painful. It is worth it however. I have a large rolling whiteboard, two on the wall painted whiteboards and this new board. It works very well in the space I’ve put it in. For a classroom or conference room setup for conferences it would be an amazing addition. In fact you could for less than 2000 create the ultimate audio and video/whiteboard integrated office by simply getting the Logitech conference system and the Smart Board by Kapp.

The software is the weak point right now. Real time capture of whiteboards is however something that adds a lot of value. Some people think better on their feet. It really works well in a web meeting format (I’ve tried MS Live meeting and WebEx, I haven’t tried any of the other services yet).

Overall I would, if you are in the market for an interactive whiteboard that you add this one from Kapp to your list of considerations. It gives you more features and the ability to just use whiteboard markets of any kind on the board. It is nearly flush with the wall so you don’t add a lot, the 42inch is great for one person and the larger wall mounted unit would work for two or more people at the whiteboard.


just another shameless review!

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