India, right before Afghanistan, and forgiveness…

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A cow in India. It was funny to see cows in the middle of the street and no one honked at them. In Indiana if there were cows in the middle of the street people would be standing on their horns!

Mom spent a lot of time telling us about the cultural differences in the places we went. She had talked about what to expect when we were in New Delhi. So it wasn’t a shock. It was strange to see,  cows in the middle of the street walking as if they owned the place. Which I guess they did. No matter where you go in the world you will find things that are different from what you are used to. Mom worked very hard to prepare us for that difference. She and dad had also given us our Kodak 110 instamatic cameras. My second camera (my grandfather had given me an old Kokako 135 camera that I still have and reassure before the trip). It got me hooked on taking bad pictures!

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A couple of days ago we saw someone carving one of these gorgeous platters. Now polishing it for sale.

Mom has one of these plates. It used to be on the wall (it may be in the new house I haven’t looked at it in years). I don’t remember how she got it home, we had several more stops to make after New Delhi. We went to Kabul and Copenhagen before heading back to the US. Mom had Barb, Lynne and I the entire trip across the Atlantic. Although we did have an exceptional movie (Play it Again Sam by Woody Allen) which certainly beat the movie we had going over (The Andromeda Strain). Play it Again Sam was very funny, but mom and I laughing wasn’t as loud as the Canadian Youth Hockey team line for the bathroom was. It was a very long flight. I think by the end mom was frazzled.

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Farmers are really cool people. They are Outstanding in their field! (that is my father’s joke not mine)

When we were back in Indiana, after our year in Bangkok mom went back to work full time. First off, her career was a difficult one. It was the right thing to do, but mom took a lot of personal abuse from people that made a disagreement personal. I was always proud of the fact that other than the occasional utterance of Turkey Buzzard mom never denigrated the people that denigrated her profession. I remember once in a comparative religion class where the professor talked about the language of forgiveness that is in every single religious text. To forgive is divine. To hear someone, knowing they are not forgiving, and still forgive them takes more tolerance than I have. Mom is able to do that – which in my book is amazing!


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