From dad’s eye perspective pictures of Thailand. And music, it’s my memory…

Dad often did slide shows for guests. I think the reason this one spans so many countries is that first off therecarousel 165

were two carousels worth of slides in this box. One he had of Thailand that he took out and the new one he made.

When I was about 14 mom and dad bought an electric organ for the living room of the house. I loved playing on the organ. It had so many different instruments and such a wonderful sound. Mom encouraged me to play music (my sisters also). Before the organ mom had gotten me a guitar and guitar lessons. She took me to the lessons once a week. I love the sound of music (and I like the movie a lot as well). Mom encouraged all of us to explore our creative interests. Music is something that I love listening to. I am not as good playing. But I wouldn’t know that if mom had offered us the chance to explore.

carousel 170

Along a roadside in Thailand.

Another gift that mom gave us but probably less one that we noticed as we were growing up was the encouragement versus pushing. Mom encouraged us to explore what we were interested in. She certainly supported the schools we attended as far as our academic goals and what skills we needed to improve. But beyond school she never pushed us to do things she encouraged us to explore. To wonder about the world and find the things that intrigued and interested us. It is interesting now looking back to realize that was what mom was doing. A person both encouraging and enforcing the world around us. Subtle and you wouldn’t catch it unless you went back and remembered.

carousel 175

Elephants are beloved in Thailand. Helpers and companions.

There was one time though that mom didn’t encourage. She didn’t understand how I could study, read or do something and have music playing all the time. Every morning as I write my blog I have classical music playing. When I was 15 I listened to music as I was studying. Kansas (Point of Known Return), Peter, Paul and Mary and the my favorite Neil Young. I listened to the mucus to relax and focus. Mom didn’t understand that and she and I had a few discussions about the what and why of music while studying. I wouldn’t say either of us won those discussions. I continued to listen to music and mom continued to ask me how I could concentrate.


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