One of Dad’s old teaching slides and memories of sickness…

carousel 179

One of dad’s overheads from 40 years ago. This is part of the slides for the inquiry method. Correction from yesterday I listen to MUSIC in the morning not MUCUS. While there are times when the congestion forces me to listen to the sound of my own mucus it is not part of my daily routine. Thanks Lynne.

When you were sick mom kicked into high gear. I was sick a lot when I was young. I had serious Pneumonia or Bronchitis every year for 4 or 5 straight years. I was indoors, sick and they were contently telling mom that I needed to be in the hospital. Her feeling was taking a really sick kid to the hospital was asking for trouble. So she took care of me at home. My favorite memory is of getting to give an orange shots after I got my shots. That poor orange.

carousel 186

I think the box for this Carousel was dad’s idea box. Several different slide shows that he used over the years all in one box. This somewhere in Thailand.

Now, while I wasn’t as sick as I got older I can still say the quality of care was fantastic. As I said regardless of who in the family was sick mom rallied around them. What I don’t remember is mom being sick. Well sick enough that someone had to take care of her. Mom didn’t get sick very often and when she did, she would power through. But if one of us got sick (or later one of her grandchildren was sick or injured) everyone in the family knew mom would be there. Mom was the family care giver. Frankly I trust her advice more than any doctor I’ve ever met.

carousel 190

This young man is looking far off towards something. Great picture!

The other side of great care giving is mom would caution me against any number of activities over the years. She stopped cautioning me when I was 12 and I actually asked her. “Why didn’t you tell me not to do that.” She looked at me with a My Pen Rai look and said “because you were going to do it anyway.” But before that mom was always telling me not to climb that rock, don’t jump off of that. Don’t walk along the edge of that. In part because I was so sick as a small child and she worried. In part because she is a mother. Mothers always worry about their children. In part because I was a bit of a wild child. Mom always says now “you had a few bad years.” Luckily I came out of them because I had a couple of great parents!

I devoted a lot of blog time and space to talking about my dad after he passed away. Its nice to be able to talk about mom while she is still alive. Sometimes you have to stop and tell the people around you that you love them. That they mean everything to you. Mom was one of the gentle hands that guided and shaped who I am. I love you mom!


Family Historian

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