Gross Picture and you ain’t seen nothing like the MIGHTY QUINN!!!!!

carousel 196

OK no clue what this picture is of. But gross.

Funny mom story…well maybe its more a funny mom and her mom story. I had a very successful summer fishing one year. I caught several blue gill (sun fish) and bass that were worthy of keeping. I decided I would take some of them home for my mother so we froze them. I asked my grandmother to show me how to clean them, but she said “You mother loves cleaning fish.” I presented mom with the fish only to find out that Grandma had not only yanked my chain but mom’s as well. Mom did not particularly like cleaning fish. She did appreciate the freshish fish, but cleaning them was not her idea of fun. Grandma laughed at me. Mom didn’t laugh. We did enjoy the fish for dinner (it ended up being a very good meal the first time I really liked fish. But mom didn’t let me forget that for a long time.

carousel 200

Without a doubt dad had a photographers eye. He has some amazing pictures.

After a few years of being boat free (we are staying pool free frankly forever. They are more pain than joy.) we decided to buy a boat that we could take out into the Bay for fishing and weekend trips. Mom’s first thought other than I want to be on the boat, was that she would make us nautical quilts. I couldn’t imagine a better way to decorate the boat than with mom made nautical quilts. I can’t at this point say what I am more excited about. The quilts or getting the boat!

Is there anything better than a nautical themed quilt?

carousel 205

Low tide. tide fascinates me. I love being by the ocean at high and low tide. It is a fascinating thing for me.

For years mom watched IU Basketball games with dad. She even went with him a few times to Assembly Hall. I am not sure (since I don’t think she follows IU BBall now) that she didn’t do that for dad. I do remember however mom loving Quinn Buckner. I think we all loved Quinn Buckner. He was without a doubt the best guard IU had in the 1970’s. He was the one player mom mentioned. She didn’t really mention many others over the years, just the mighty Quinn. QB could have run for mayor of Bloomington and won, he probably still could. One of very few Basketball players to win at Every Level of Basketball. State Champion in High School, National Champion (76) at IU, NBA Champion with the Boston Celtics and Olympic Gold Medal Winner. Oh yeah, and my mother’s all favorite IU player!


Family Historian…

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