Images of the past and memories of a special person. They all come together as a family history project!

Somewhere in Thailand. I recognize the building architecture.carousel 210

Mom reminded me yesterday of the value of the Family History project. Actually she encouraged me to keep going by reminding me why I started. Losing dad was tough. The first parts of the family history project were trying to relive and remember the things about dad that were important and share them. Now I am sharing things that are important about mom. The difference being and the value I missed was dad wasn’t alive when I started. So for those of you with stacks of pictures and your parents still around, start now! The value of remembering the family history isn’t that generations from now will read this and be happy to know their ancestors. Its that you can share your memories with your parents and they can share memories with you. Again to steal from the Carpenters. Don’t worry if its not good enough. Just write down the memories. Thanks mom for reminding me of the value!

carousel 215

As I said this Carousel was one where dad put a lot of slide shows when he was changing them out. This one of my youngest sister with her friends at Halloween.

Mom used to make Halloween costumes. I remember the kids (all the grandkids) lining up for Grandma to make their costumes. We aren’t talking a little face paint either. We are talking lions with full manes and tiger outfits that fit from head to toe. Not wear once out for Halloween but costumes you wear for two or three years of Halloween. Plus use them as dress up and costumes for everything. The kids all loved the wonderfully constructed and amazing Halloween costumes. It was funny because when she got old enough Jakki worked with Grandma directly and they would never tell me what the costume was going to be!

carousel 219

Somewhere in Thailand.

Quilts and Halloween costumers, it’s the legacy of a Grandmother. Grandparents are very important in our family. They are the connective tissue that reminds the parents they will survive being parents, and the tissue that reminds the grandkids that their parents were once young as well. Being that they are important parts of the larger family, Mom and Dad hosted most holiday events. You could, given the circumstances forgive mom for saying no mas. But instead she continues to bring all of us to one place for the holidays. We travel from Washington (the state) and Washington (the district of Columbia) now. So spanning this country. But we come home to celebrate the holidays at mom’s house. Why? Grandparents are important but so is keeping the family traditions going. Opening the first gift tether, sitting at the tables or in the chairs talking to each other and celebrating another year. Family are the people you know and don’t worry about. You may disagree with family but you accept them. Mom brings that all together still, her and the poodles continuing to host the family events.


Family Historian

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