The last slides of the next to the last Carousel and cooking with mom!

We are heading into the last day of the Carousel that was unlabeled, and was filled with a lot of loose slides (three slide shows worth) today is the last three pictures from the collection.carousel 255

Dad found quite a few awesome pictures. Here is another one!

We spent a week or so one summer at the Turtle Flambeau Flowage (in the Center of Wisconsin). One afternoon I stayed at the cabin and read. I think Lynne stayed behind to read as well. Barb was too young to choose so she went canoeing with mom and dad. I remember the event because I wasn’t in the canoe and mom came home ready to kill dad. Apparently during the canoeing dad saw a bald eagle. He started bouncing and jumping pointing. All mom remembered was “Not the bald eagle but your FATHER ALMOST TIPPING OVER THE CANOE.” I know I shouldn’t have laughed then mom, but it was funny then and it is still funny now!

carousel 253

Fresh fish Smile

One morning dad went out and got Fresh Crab while we were at Pataya. Mom and her cooking buddy Miss Hart cooked the crab. It was without a doubt the best seafood meal I have eaten in my life. Right out of the boiling water and just amazing. I don’t even remember what else we had for that meal. The crab was amazing. It was fun to watch mom and Miss Hart cook together. Mom is very creative but seldom uses recipes. Miss Hart was a mathematician by trade and MEASURED EVERYTHING. You can imagine the resulting yin and yang that was created. But the funny thing is, they didn’t fight. They both accepted the others style and each took over a specific dish and cooked together. Fun!

carousel 252

Some of the best meals we had were in family restaurants off the beaten path on the way to somewhere in Thailand.

Mom and I cooking together was also effective. She and I pulled together some of the best meals ever served in the house. We are very good cooking together. But no one wants to follow us into the kitchen because according to my sisters we make 3 times the mess required. But I have so many happy memories of cooking with mom. We would start with an idea, sometimes one we would talk about for three or four days and then we would start cooking. It was often unusual and different but it was always something fun to make. It is why I love to cook now, cooking with my mother then! Sadly there are few that follow (to clean) that let the two of us cook together anymore.


Family Historian and like my mother messy cook!

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