Just another Shameless review: Mercedes Benz GLE 350..

I am going to take a couple days break from the family history and the “memories of mom” blogs. Not for lack of material but because I have a couple of reviews I have been wanting to do for a while. I have moved my restaurant reviews to Yelp. (Docandersen) if you are interested in those. I also review local businesses that do exceptional jobs at Customer Service on Yelp!

dream car

My first review is of a car. Let me say that I tried to be green and drove a smart car around DC for over a year. Yes the mileage was great but there were two factors that caused me to not feel safe. The first was all the other drivers that didn’t see the Smart Car and cut me off. The second was on a windy day (and we like everywhere have those) the car felt unstable.

Beyond that I have wanted one of these cars for more than 30 years. I have ridden in them on the Autobahn and felt safe at over 100 miles per hour. I have drooled and wanted one.,

So without further adieu my review of the Mercedes Benz 350 GLE 4Matic.

Barb and I have owned more than 20 cars over the past 25 years. We’ve always had three criteria when selecting cars.

  • Can we afford it.
  • Is it a safe car.
  • Does it have the technology we want.

Ok, the last one is just my rule but Barb let’s me keep that one. So I wandered around looking for a new car this late winter opt replace the Smart for Two.

What I love:

  • Dealer – simply an amazing experience dealing with Euromotorcars. The entire team there made the car buying and now car ownership experience smooth.
  • Ride – I have never had a car in my life that has a ride like this one. I have wanted a Benz for more than 30 years. The ride is simply amazing.
  • Power – enough to get me out of trouble. The car is smooth when accelerating.
  • Seats- holy cow, the heated seats are amazing. But the package we got includes massage. When you are stuck in traffic and turn on massage, the stress flows away from you.
  • Technology – every works easily. What should be a one push button, is always a one push button.
  • Handling – first the car doesn’t get buffeted by winds as I cross the bridge into Virginal. Secondly it has the automated lane warning and automated braking packages and help me stay focused.
  • Mbrace – the onboard Mercedes Benz safety system like the various other cars have. I love being able to call someone and give them the address and they load it into my GPS for me.
  • integrated traffic and weather – I’ve had integrated traffic in the Mini’s for awhile. This one is really nice and paints the traffic on the screen as colors, so you know what is coming.

What I wish was different:

  • I have wanted a car like this for 30 years. I honestly have to say the only thing I don’t like about this car is that I didn’t consider Benz right away. We went to the dealership on a lark, it is literally 3 miles from our house why not. I was expecting the Benz to come in 30 to 40 thousand dollars more than it was. The price is a little more than the Acura (another car we test drove) and 10 grand less than the BMW, Volvo and Land Rover.

I have drive this as my primary car for the past month. During that time I have become accustomed to riding in comfortable seats and seeing far ahead in traffic. I love feeling safe when I am driving. I also love the fact that when I turn the car is watching out for me. The other morning there was an accident on the way to work, I was going slower because I saw brake lights way ahead, but didn’t realize the car in front of me was going to turn off at the U-Turn access. He slammed on his brakes and my car notified me. I reacted and avoided a problem.

Euromotorcars of Germantown is an amazing dealership to boot! It goes against my upbringing to buy a car that is both fun and exciting. My role models trained me to go practical for cars. I’ve added heated seats and XM radio as practical requirements but now I have quite a few more requirements for practical!


Shameless Reviewer

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