End of home improvement project…(finally)

IMG_0186 [1012506]

The last non-family history blog for awhile. We recently finished two projects in the house. The first is we ripped up and replaced all the carpeting in the basement. We added a laminate tile with cork backing. The cork backing is so the sound is deadened in the home theater. Carpet is really good at that so is the new flooring. We also replaced the carpeting on the riser.

You never really realize how much better non-carpeted floors are until you get rid of the carpeting. We are down more than 1/2 the carpeting in the house from when we bought it. We replaced the carpet in the living room/family area upstairs. This project replaced the carpeting in the basement and the stairs. All that is left is the carpeting in my office and the four upstairs bedrooms. All other rooms in the house do not have carpeting. Carpeting in the kitchen is always the one that get same. It is so much harder to clean carpet than hardwood or tile flooring. I don’t know about you but I spill when I cook. Spilling on carpeting leaves a stain in the end!

IMG_0187 [1012508]

Part one of this project was replacing the carpeting on the stairs. These are the stairs going from the basement to the main level. When we lived in Cincinnati Ohio I did some carpet squares in the basement. Laying that was awful and took me days. This crew was in and out in 2 days for both sets of stairs. It was three days to do the entire basement.

That is the end of home improvement projects for awhile. The problem I see with home improvement is you have to be really careful. Some things really add livability to the house, but the next owner may not care. Redoing the kitchen (upgrading appliances etc.) is always a good deal for resale. Redoing or adding things to the bathrooms (steam showers and large master tubs) are always value add. It used to be that indoor Jacuzzi tubs were a big deal but now those add more cost than value. So you have to remodel while watching the market. So like I said our last projects for awhile. We don’t want to be on the wrong side of the market!

We added a pool to our house in Indiana. That was a renovation that we should have probably not done. Pools add value to those living in the house, but not when you try to sell the house. A lesson learned about paying attention to the market so you don’t get killed when you sell!

Starting tomorrow back to the remembering things about mom series and the last Carousel of Dad’s slides. From there we move into some of my Grandfather Andersen’s slides. I wish I had scans of my Grandfather Johnston’s pictures, then the history project would be complete on both sides.


Home Remodel Survivor

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