My memories for rent, after all they ARE MY MEMORIES!!!!

carousel 001

The last Carousel of Slides. Then it is on to pictures stored in various boxes and the slides of my grandfather.

Sometimes mom and I remember events happening differently. She says “Its your memory.” I am never quite sure if that is a mix of “you can have that memory, but you are wrong” or a more My Pen Rai iteration of “we both remember an event that happened, just differently” I don’t spend a lot of time on that. But it is one of the ways mom is mom. My memory is she has said its your memory for many years. As long as I can remember in fact. But that is my memory.

carousel 005

My gut says these are images of mom and dad’s trip to Alaska on a cruise ship but no guarantees.

Mom loves to cruise on ships. She doesn’t love flying as much anymore. Its funny, she hated flying when we were little. Well maybe not hate but she wasn’t fond of it. Then grew to love traveling around the world over time. Now, because of knees and time she doesn’t like flying as much. I know how she feels. We did have a wonderful time in Hawaii though. and as I said mom loves being on a boat (or ship) on the ocean. She and I sat as we went past the back of the garden isle and talked, took pictures and enjoyed the quiet of the moment. We sat there for an hour or so, relaxing and watching the scenery.

carousel 010

They can’t all be images the provoke thoughts and comments. Sometimes the artist takes pictures that interest them.

That’s the thing about mom. Over the years dad and I many conversations but many arguments as well. Mom and I have had many more conversations. It isn’t that I was any closer to mom than to dad just that mom and I other than memories often see things the same way. Mom got that my passion was technology very early in the process and has always supported me as I pursue that dream of being a technologist! At least, that is my memory of how it all came to be. It makes me proud to say I am so much like my father. But it is also with a sense of pride that I say I am like my mother. I am the apple that split in half and fell next to both great trees.


Split Apple with memory issues…

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