Final home remodeling project done (until the next one) :-)

We have in the last 25 years owned 4 different houses. In those four houses we have replaced thecooktop

cooktop twice. Both times we went with a new Jenn Air top. The last home improvement project is now done. We have a new cooktop and stove in the kitchen. We had gas before which was nice but so hard to keep clean. So a nice induction cooktop was the decision.  Induction cooktops are very nice. This one is all electronic, no knobs that break or get lost. No crevices that fill with stuff and then boys say “you didn’t tell me I had to clean that when I do the dishes.” The last thing is true, we don’t start out each night as they start dishes saying now here are the 10 things you have to do. Barb wrote them down on a sheet of paper and taped it by the sink but that isn’t the same as telling them to do it. So often the sheet gets ignored.

Cleaning off the cooking area was one of the things that was often forgotten so now, it is readily apparent when that was not done. Plus we get a nice new cooktop!


The other part of the project was a new oven and Microwave. This was a first time project for us. We have never replaced the oven or microwave built into a house before. We went with Jenn Air again, figuring if we ever sell the house the new owners will want things to be from the same company. We decided after long thinking to get a convection oven rather than a traditional oven. I used a convection oven when I was cooking at the Whimples of Walnut Street in Bloomington Indiana now more than 30 years ago. I loved the oven because it cooked evenly and didn’t burn things.

So convection it was for the new oven! Had to be black of course to match everything (I guess ovens talk to other ovens if they don’t match your kitchen décor exactly).

So our first oven replacement project!

It was a tumultuous time in the Andersen house over the past three months. Jakki moved out which was a little hard but luckily she still comes to occasional Sunday dinners and stops by often. So while we miss her its nice to see her spreading her wings. As talked about before ripped out most of the remaining carpeting in the house. All projects are done now so we can relax for a bit.

Funny, you buy the perfect house, and then you make changes.


Home remodeling survivor

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