The last blog focused on Mom. Thank you for everything mom!!!!!!


The last pictures of the boat I shared were from the day we wandered around it and decided it was the one. These are from yesterday, when the boat was officially ours. Luke and I went to get it ready to move it across the bay (Kent Island to Annapolis).

Happy Easter all!

Mom was a fantastic egg hider. The problem was she was better than the egg finders she was working with. What does that mean? It means that mom would hide stuff in the house and we would find it, 4-5 months later where she had hidden it. She was really good. Or her kids were really bad at finding the eggs she had hidden. When her Grandchildren were old enough mom moved the festival of egg snatching outdoors. It just meant that later that spring when she was mowing, she would run over the occasional rotten egg. Better outdoors than finding candy indoors because there is a trail of ants!


We are changing the name to Lab’s Lair and it will have a new port of call as well. We love Annapolis. Perhaps someday we will wander back to Kent Island to store our boat. When they put a 2nd and 3rd bridge across the bay. (Luke and I crossed the bay bridge yesterday and it still took 30 minutes even in March!)

The other big holiday for mom (other than Christmas – she loves Christmas) was July 4th. It was our family tradition for many years to gather at mom and dad’s house and then go watch the Bloomington 4th of July Parade at the office where my sister worked. We had a great spot there at Barb’s work to see the parade wander by. Then back to mom’’ and dad’s for a 4th of July meal. Usually brats and burgers. The tradition ended when we moved away (again) this time a little out of a short car ride back to Bloomington. But that was mom’s other big holiday event. We were there for 4th of July 2014 but the circumstances were far different and it was less a celebration. July 2014 was the last one in the old house on Kinser pike. Mom sold that house and moved to a smaller (and extremely nice) new house on the West side of Bloomington. Mom has lived on the west side of Bloomington Indiana for the past 35 years (since moving to the Farm in 1981ish).


We’ve taken many family vacations as a clan over the years (Ooley’s, Misner’s and Andersen’s) this image from the last one dad took with all of us Oak Island North Carolina in 2013.

To end my series of mom stories seems strange. I have more and I will share them from time to time. Mom is a huge part of why I am.  On one hand she and dad are the only reason I am here. Of course, from a legal and distancing perspective mom would probably argue that me or who I am comes from the compilation of events that occurred after she and dad brought me into this world. But the things that mom helped with, guided and supported are huge parts of who I am. When you look back at the influence one person has had on your life you find good and bad. Its only natural that you remember the times that person did things you didn’t want done. Mom was always there. Like that ever changing, never changing Ocean in the last picture mom was and is there. I called her Friday night for advice. In 10 seconds she had me thinking clearly about the problem and not making a rash decision. It is as much that mom was there Friday night as anything. She is an amazing person. This Friday (April 1st) the NSTA is honoring Dad with a life time achievement award. Mom has organized a trip for the adults to go and be there when Dad is honored. Why? Because that is mom. She is a person that loves to share the great moments with everyone. She keeps the bad stuff inside. You could share the bad with us as well. But she always made sure that the good spread to everyone. The world is a better place because mom is on it.

Thanks mom. I can’t tell you I love you enough. I can’t thank you enough for all the things you did, all the things you didn’t do and all the times you told me to stop. I love you.


Son and Anniversary ruiner…

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