Just another Shameless review: Yowza Elliptical Machine!!!!

The value in excursive equipment is actually using it! Recently we got rid of the treadmill we’ve had the past five years because no one was using it. It sat in the basement unused and taking up space.


Barb decided instead she wanted to replace the treadmill with an elliptical. She spent a lot of time researching the impact of front versus read mechanism. Apparently (I used to hate Elliptical they hurt my knees) the rear drive machines are much less wear and tear on your knees).

The thing is heavy (we moved it Luke, Nick and I.) it weighs a solid 300 pounds. It is sitting on a mat to protect the floor a bit.

What I love:

  • First off my knees don’t hurt when I use this elliptical. They have, always, hurt when I used elliptical in the past.
  • The device works both legs and arms. The arm bars move back and forth working your core, and both arms as you walk.
  • It is solid! As I said it weights a ton.
  • The connected software is very nice. It’s a Bluetooth connection that you can use to play music, or use your device as a dashboard getting more information from the machine. The software is well done.
  • The unit is quiet. You don’t hear  sound other than what you are trying to hear.
  • The controls are easy to operate while in motion.
  • There are four distinct hand holds so you can vary the workout considerably. You can have short motion, long motion, mid range motion and a pulse bar (no motion).
  • You can easily vary incline of the machine and the resistance your arms get when moving the arm unit.

What I don’t like:

  • Honestly the only big thing I don’t like is the speakers. It has a nice airplay an plug in speaker system but frankly the speakers are lower quality.  So I don’t use the onboard speakers very often if at all.

First off, I had never heard of Yowza. Barb did a lot of research and gets the credit for all that hard work. The company is great (we had a piece break and they were out 6 days later fixing it. Six days isn’t bad when you consider they shipped the part then came out to fix the unit). The unit is solid, quiet and as I said in the review it doesn’t impact your knees as much as the front motor units do. 

If are in the market for excursive equipment there are two simple things to consider. The first and probably most important is can you fit the equipment into your busy day. I use the elliptical in the early am now, adding 15-20 minutes in the early morning. It adds around 2000 steps to my day which is good (fit bit records the steps even when you are just standing still well moving up and down but not forward). The second is how much do you want to spend. I’ve bought the 900 dollar treadmills and frankly they break eventually. I’ve gotten the 300 dollar front run elliptical and they also break (and hurt my knees). The Yowza is a little more cost upfront but if you are in the market – I highly recommend it!!!!

Like this review? I have more localized reviews on Yelp (https://www.yelp.com/user_details?userid=94Spks2KcXSwNHIfVwLSmg) posted as Docandersen.


Elliptical Walker

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