Not quite half-way through 25 years. Cold Shower anyone?


Image from our third day in or near Bangkok Thailand.

In our house on Shaffer in Western Hills (suburb of Cincinnati) we had a basement shower. We used that shower for a couple of weeks when our upstairs bathroom was being renovated. Mostly the tub and floor redone. We have never owned a house (barb and I) where we didn’t make major changes to the house. Barb was taking a shower one weekend afternoon. For some reason I realized that the vent in the dining room went straight down to the shower so I nicely helped Barb with her shower. She to this day doesn’t feel I was helping her by adding cold water to the shower process. I was just making sure she had enough water. She screamed bloody murder and emerged upstairs shaking her finger at me. We laugh about it now (22 years ) but she wasn’t very happy with me for awhile then. Actually Barb brought this story up to me yesterday. She wasn’t laughing about it when she brought it up so maybe its just me that laughs about it. She may still be mad about the cold water shower.

DSC02260Outside the grand palace Bangkok Thailand.

Barb found out there was an issue with the pregnancy in week 14. She was placed on home bed rest around week 14. (Or as Jakki calls it, home so Jakki can fetch rest). So Barb spent hours every day on the couch. She is not a person that likes to veg. She is very active. It was really hard on her. Plus she was worried about the various potential aliments the boys had. In particular she found one called Twin to Twin Transfusion syndrome that explained some of the issues she had (we didn’t have that one, its really bad and results in the loss of one of the twins often during the pregnancy). We also struggled with names once we knew that the twins were boys. Jakki offered a suggestion (many times in fact) to name them Phil and Lil after her favorite TV show the rug rats. My initial thought was to name them Fred and Ed after the twins the stories that I had told my students. Barb didn’t like either of those suggestions. Dylan was our favorite boy name, but with our family tradition of O for the middle initial for males we didn’t feel we could do that (DOA being not the best initials for anyone to have). We really thought long and hard on a number of names. Finally round week 24 we settled on Nicholas and Lucas. From week 14 to week 32 we held our breath (lungs are formed by week 32 and premise have a much higher survival rate). Barb spent that entire time trapped in the house. Not allowed to walk or carry or move around at will. We spent that Christmas at my parents house, Barb sitting in their living room on the pull out sofa. On the 32 week the doctor didn’t like some of the test results and made Barb check into the hospital. She spent her last week in the hospital. On Sunday evening March 29th, 1998 she called me from the Hospital. I was home watching the kids and getting ready for the work week. Barb said its time. I had learned from the experience with Jakki that meant it was time. She also sounded scared. So I called our family friend Joan Hissing who came to the house and I rushed down to the hospital.


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