Building a house together in Cincinnati Ohio…


Our third boat (taken yesterday) now in Annapolis Maryland.

The weeks after the boys were born were a flurry of medical issues. Nick was very sick for most of the first three months of his life. He had a pic line in his shoulder, but Barb was a trooper. We decided based on timing that I would take my parental leave about three weeks after the boys were born. Once the flurry of initial hospital stuff was over. Barb figured (and she was right) that she would be completely exhausted around the time I was going to be home so I could step in and pick things up. She was right. It was during that month I was home that we realized the house wasn’t big enough. Two cribs in the master bedroom which was small to begin with and now, even smaller. So we embarked on building a house. There were a number of things Barb wanted that didn’t make sense to me at the time she asked but later, I realized were genius. The one that puzzled me (because in my whole life I had never had this) was the concept of the bedroom floor laundry room. At first it seemed strange, but now, I can say it is truly genius. We’ve had it in three of the last four houses we’ve lived in and I think it is the best idea, ever!


Floating garden, Bangkok Thailand.

The other (of many by the way just the only two mentioned in this blog) of Barb’s genius ideas was to convert the dining room into a large playroom for the boys. We also added, based on room configuration gates at both entrances to reduce boy wildness. It wasn’t a huge house but it fit what we needed at the time. The dining room/toy room would be the same in the next house we had as well. But that is for another day. We added our first boat that spring, a Sea Ray 260 moored in Captains Cove along the Ohio River.  Building a house was fun at first for Barb and I – we really enjoyed the initial process. I don’t think we would ever do it again (although we did toy with the idea while in Maryland). It is a long process and ultimately very frustrating and rewarding. We settled into our new home in Mt. Airy. Barb was busy with the boys most of the time. She started to get restless (not getting out much) fairly quickly. Barb is a very social person so she started taking the boys to the zoo, and the Cincinnati Children’s museum to get out of the house. She doesn’t like being cooped up in the house all the time.


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