Moving, planning a trip to Disneyworld, all one person.

Our play yard at Eagle Trace. It was built for when the kids were little. We later took it out. Barb there waving!DSCN0077

By the time Nick was three months old, barb was frazzled. From the initial fears of TTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome) which we did not have (it was a twisted umbilical cord issue only) to Nick getting an infection just days after birth. That first year between building our house, and feeding the boys every four hours was a blur. After my month of parental leave I went to work ever day so Barb took over the nightly feedings. Every night, every four hours until they were nearly a year old. We literally didn’t do anything as a family that first 6 months. I took Jakki to the movies twice just so she could have a break. Barb took breaks on the weekends and holidays when I was home and watched the little ones. Luckily at that particular point in my career I wasn’t traveling. But Barb is a special person, she picked up that load and never complained. Ok, she complained but she also knew it was a path we choose so she didn’t complain often. It was a hard time for awhile. 12 months of lost sleep and the one really scary trip in the ambulance to the hospital with Nick.


We moved to Willow Cover in Mt. Airy in August of 1998. This is April of 1999 the limo we had pick us up for the trip to the airport for the family vacation at Disneyworld. Jakki always wanted to ride in a limo.

The boys were born in March 1998. We built our new house and moved into that house in August 1998.  We hired a moving company this time rather than do it ourselves. That was the first time we would hire a moving company. Barb tagged and organzied everything for the move. At the same time she was organization the move to the new house in Mt. Airy. she also planned, booked and organized our trip to Disney World. Including ordering the limo. Jakki really wanted to ride in a limo. Prepping twins that were barely a year old for a trip was tough. Barb was the most organized parent ever. She had go bags in both cars. We had a Chevy Venture Mini-Van and our second car was a Ford Explorer. Barb even organized the transition from Disney World the park (we stayed at the Polynesian) to the Disney Cruise line. I had to that point in my life never been on a cruise. We had the most amazing time on the cruise ship. Barb is simply the most amazing vacation arranger, ever!


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