Disney World with a stroller, not as bad as it sounds.

The advantage of a stroller and a small child is they can sleep whilst moving about. The disadvantage of a P0000695

twin’s stroller is that it is huge. They boys, in their stroller at Disney World.

Barb loves amusement parks. So she and Jakki did all the rides that Jakki wanted to do. The boys and I wandered around parts of Disney World that were stroller friendly. We did several rides together (the animal adventure and a few of the big rides, plus riding in the monorail to and from the park to the hotel).  Barb and Jakki did every single park in the complex (the boys and I did not do the water park, we took a nap instead). At the end of our 5th day we bundled everything up and headed to the Disney Cruise. This was our first family cruise. As I said Barb is an amazing vacation planner. The cruise was simply wonderful. Barb took Jakki to the kids center the first hour we were on the boat. She said before that she wasn’t going to be at the kids center at all. We didn’t see her until we docked again in Miami. She got to hang out with other kids her age. Barb and I got to relax. You could see the exhaustion, frustration and just sheer boredom melt away from Barb on that cruise. When we hit Cast-away-Kay Barb was ready for a day on the beach. She was rested and happy!


Another Disney World Picture.

Barb was at this point no longer working. We had a wonderful person who came and hung out with Jakki and the boys 3 or so hours a day so Barb could get a break. She was volunteering at the Waldorf School where Jakki was going. She was also starting a number of craft projects. She didn’t really have a space that was her own in the house, which would frustrate her for a few years. In fact, she wouldn’t have a space that was hers in the house for roughly 8 more years. It wasn’t fair, looking back now, that I had an office and she didn’t all those years. But rooms were tight in the house. We had neither a living room or a dining room (Large Play room) until we moved to Greenwood. Greenwood was coming through. We would move just 5 months after returning from Disney World. We ended up packing the house and moving twice in 12 months. Barb wanted to be closer to my family (or any family) with the boys. I know my parents wanted us closer so I took a job in Indianapolis Indiana. We moved to Greenwood (about 45 miles north of Bloomington where Barb and I had met, gotten married and so on). The company organized the large part of that move, all we had to do was pack up and be ready to go. The house we built on Willow Cove in Mt Airy (a Cincinnati Suburb) ended up sitting empty for  year, so lucky us we got two mortgages. But we were back in the state where we met.

There is one thing after 25 years that I am still amazed by. Barb on occasion will mix words together as she is talking (Husband is often the word that gets modified). She has over the years called me Husso, Hubster, Hubba and other’s. I love that about her. She has a great ability to just be goofy at times that is wonderful.


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