Holiday World, and just about Barb…


Preparing to leave (early am) for a trip to Holiday World in 2000. Preparing when the boys were little took time.

There is a moment in a long term relationship that you move from the original relationship to a newer version of that relationship. Barb and I moved to being best friends while we were in Cincinnati Ohio. At first we had long ranging arguments that would last weeks. But as we grew over time we slowed down on the big arguments. She and I still disagree on several things, but we agree now on many more. We have a path forward, a plan. As we transitioned back to Indiana in 1999 we began a different phase of our lives. Cincinnati was the early years of our marriage. The first period. The honeymoon and the resulting changes that occur. Barb went from being a students/waitress to being a full time video producer. Barb is a kind person and it took her many years in her first “professional” job (in quotes because frankly she has done many jobs professionally, this was just the first one that used her college degree). She learned how to read the tea leaves of politics. Barb is trusting by nature, so she has to be aware of the politics around her. But I think the thing her old employer missed the most when she finally left after 5 years was her willingness to do anything to help the company. Barb doesn’t have the concept of station, she has the concept of equal. So if  job needs to be done, you might as well just get it done.


Somewhere near Holiday World in Santa Claus Indiana.

In the story of Barb that I am writing there is of course a lens, a filter that I apply. I see her through my eyes, not her own. For example the pictures used for this series of blogs are limited. Barb has an image of herself and those are the pictures she wants visible to the world. In a way (huge way) so much like my father. She doesn’t mind having her picture taken, just not posted on the blog.

But you cannot capture the full essence of a person on paper, or this blog or with a million pictures. It is the sound of her laugh. The goofy face she makes when she thinks she has pulled a fast one. The way she looks at her children (all of them) when they aren’t looking at her. The fact that she is willing and committed to helping them succeed no matter what. When Barb is on your side, in your corner, she will always be there. She will tell you when she thinks you have drifted away from your goal or gone off course. But even in telling you she will still get water out of the boat and keep you on the course you set.

She is an amazing person.


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