Moving day 1999 and just being with some one.

In the time before05_02A digital cameras we got picture disks with our copies of our pictures. This is a picture of Sean the man that introduced me to Barb in our house in Greenwood Indiana.

Moving day, October 1999. We picked the entire family up and moved from Cincinnati Ohio to Greenwood Indiana. I had transitioned two months before so had stayed in a Residence Inn on the North Side. Barb and the kids came in October. I will never forget how organized she was with that massive move. She sat in the front yard of our new house with a clipboard and sent the movers to the right rooms with every box. The unpacking process was also Barb’s specialty. But seeing her there organized and managing that entire process was reassuring. She has done that for our family now several times, the last time when we moved from Greenwood to Gaithersburg Maryland. That move was a little larger and with the kids a little older the last move we were moving a lot more stuff than we had previously. But Barb is amazing at project management. Anyway, October 1999 about a week and a half from Halloween we moved into our house in Greenwood.


Someone’s birthday celebration in the kitchen of the house in Greenwood Indiana.

Marriage, or at least our marriage, isn’t just about the big happy celebrations like in this picture. It is about pulling together, about setting dreams and goals and then as a team driving to them. During the process of getting there we don’t always get along. We are both first born children, long story, stubborn and wanting to run things our way. But our marriage is about those small moments when we can stop and remember why we are married. Not the big flashy moments or the sometimes awful fights that couples have. Yes we have fights. But we have moments where it is just us, where we have each other and memories. 25 years produces a lot of memoires. A lot of moments that you can reflect upon and smile about. Sometimes its not about the grand gestures. The sweeping romantic things people do. Its about sitting together and watching movie. Talking the movie and discussing why the movie impacts you. Its about caring about the impact the movie has on your partner. That is the power of marriage in 25 years or more. Not that you watched the movie, but that you cared more how your partner perceived that movie.

There are movies that Barb and I have watched together that I can’t separate the movie and watching it with Barb. When Harry met Sally, Mrs. Doubt fire, even the new Man from Uncle. Those are moments that are wound around being with Barb and a treasure them.


18 of 25 (I miss counted a couple of day’s ago) April 4 to April 29 2016

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