Down by the River. And Blue (insert anything here) always blue!


Day trip to Louisville Kentucky 2004.

Barb has a sense of style (I do not). So over the past 25 years she has tried to introduce color into my wardrobe. Mostly because for years I wore white oxford shirts and blue oxford shirts. Now she has introduced Hawaiian shirts, pink shirts, red shirts and any other color she thinks she can sneak past me. Barb likes colors.

Its funny sometimes. She loves bright colors. Her favorite color is blue. Over the years I have evolved (according to Barb) so that Blue is my favorite color (actually its still silver but Blue is 2nd). Everything Barb can get in a blue color is blue in our house. Except couches. In all the years we’ve been married we’ve never had blue furniture. I guess you don’t sit on blue. We’ve had blue cars (we have one now, the car Barb drives to work every day is a beautiful dark blue Mini-Cooper). Our house has no blue outside and the walls are not blue inside. But hanging on the walls of our bedroom are lots of scarves and many have at least some blue in them.


Louisville Slugger Museum Louisville Kentucky 2004.

The very first boat and second boat Barb and I bought had blue trim. (The new one does not have blue trim). We have had a number of blue cars (7 in all). The ugliest blue car (even Barb didn’t like the color) was a Neon Blue (look at the van driving geek!!!!!) Chevy Venture van. We really needed a mini-van. So we were willing to deal with the dealership and take the one they had that had the features we watned, at the price we could afford.

We’ve only had one blue van since. A Chrysler Town and Country that was a nicer blue than the Venture was but that was a few years later. For a time we moved from mini-vans to Mini-Entertainment vans. Where the back seat and front seats of the car had separate entertainment systems. We (Barb and I) could argue about the radio station to play on SiriusXM. The kids could watch a movie. The compromise station for Barb and I has always been classical!


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