Of Red Chair Bakery, laptops, Fitbits and don’t mess with my printer!!!!!


Another trip to Louisville (and Corydon the first Capital of Indiana). Hiding from the waterfall.

Our first dates, ones that would last two or three hours, were long walks ending up at the Red Chair bakery with Chocolate Chip cookies. Later date night became a little harder (need a baby sitter) and more expensive. Barb and I enjoy going out now for a quiet dinner. Or occasionally just sitting on the back patio and relaxing with no children around. The quiet is amazing. Sometimes, dates are simply us sitting down in the same room now and talking. Just talking about what we are doing, hat we are thinking about and what is worrying us. That connection time is so important and Barb is really good about making sure we don’t miss that time. When I was a school teacher I knew school teachers were underpaid. I have argued that for years. But I can now say that while we do not pay those who start us off on the path of life enough, we also don’t pay those who make sure the final journey is secure enough either. Hospice and the amazing people who spend time making the process of dying easier, are simply amazing people that are horribly underpaid. The work they do, providing comfort and a path to a dignified passing from this world is beyond words. Barb is a hero every day as she goes out into the world to help those leaving the world.


The Ohio river between Indiana and Kentucky.

Barb is not afraid of technology but she doesn’t leap forward as quickly as I do. I already shared the story of her first laptop and how she would never use it. The story ending with her looking at me and saying “you can’t take my laptop away.” The same was true of film cameras. Barb had a point and shoot film camera loaded that she used until 2008.  She uses her phone now to take pictures. She made the complete conversion. She also wears a Fit bit and a Pebble smart watch. The transformation is nearly complete. She embraces technology as it makes her life easier. In many cases I can test out the value of a technology (and an idea I have) on Barb because in many ways she represents the average market person. She thinks carefully about adopting technology, looking for the value in it. Of course, once she adopts something you darn tooting better not take it away. You can upgrade her, but sometimes she doesn’t like upgrades unless they give her value. The one piece of technology Barb has that is always state of the art for her job is the printer. She always has high speed printers. She has to print fairly often and hates waiting for crappy output from a low end printer!


19 of 25 (I think I’ve lost count again)

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