Days of wine in the City of Lights and, I can’t work this much anymore…


The Bean, at the start of her Wander Indiana Project. Marengo Cave in Southern Indiana.

When we returned to Indiana, my folks were close enough to watch the kids for the weekend. So Barb and I took a few long weekends to Chicago and both of our favorite, French Lick Indiana. We loved going to the grand old Hotel there and spending a quiet weekend just the two of us. In 2004 I was asked to represent the Central Region of the US and the global knowledge management system in a meeting in Paris. My folks were able to watch the kids and so Barb came along with me. She got 6 days in Paris (4 on her own) to wander the city of lights and see the sights. That weekend we wandered the city and explored even further. We had dinner on same street as the Arc de Triumph (Champ De Lessee sp I know). We rode to the top of the Eiffel Tower. There are pictures of Barb with the Eiffel tower coming out of her head (classic pose I know). We rode the Seine on the boat tours and wandered through Notre Dame. We marveled at the beautiful books sold by the street vendors. For a couple of days we were young and in Paris free of all cares.


Part of Jake’s wander Indiana project.

My parents (before the boys were born) would rent a house boat near French Lick Indiana and we would have a family vacation there. We did that two or three times. Spending a week on the lake hanging out on the houseboat. It would have been around 1996, 1997 range. Before Barb left Optimum Group and before the boys were born. The last one of those was hardest on Barb. She had a project at work that wasn’t done, so Jakki and I came over first, and Barb joined us on Wednesday. Those days were hard on her. Later that year or possibly the next we were at my folks house for an event. Jakki fell down and hurt her knee just a little bit of blood. My mom, my sisters and Barb were all on the end of the deck near where she fell. Jakki ran right past them to find me (I was on the other side). That was when Barb decided (in fact she told me on the way home from that event) that she couldn’t work at OG anymore. She was gone often and worked unbelievable hours. But she wasn’t going to have her children growing up running to daddy to fix all their bumps and bruises. Sometimes, you have to run to mom to. It was  a hard decision for Barb. She is independent and wants to control her own destiny. But Jakki running past her hurt a lot.


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