Going to plays and the argument–how tall is the Statue of Liberty?


From our visit to XCarate (on Cancun in Mexico).

Barb and I had our first official date at a series of one act plays. They were preformed at the little Blackbox Theater in Bloomington Indiana. We have since then been to plays in a number of different venues and cities. We’ve been in Cincinnati Ohio, Greenwood Indiana (and a regional theater in Downtown Indianapolis) as well as the theater in our old neighborhood in Maryland. My personal favorite has been our wandering over to Olney Maryland for the professional theater group that is there. We’ve seen a number of plays there and each of them has been fantastic. I love going to plays with Barb. Afterwards riding home we talk about the play, discuss and argue and just connect. Plays have always been a point of connection for us, as have movies. We have different tastes in many movies (I love super hero movies) but we both like Rom Coms. Marriage is an evolution. How you evolve measures where you end up. In 25 years you can cover a lot of ground.


Still in Cancun Mexico.

Moving the to east coast Barb gets to indulge her Beach vacations more. It isn’t an indulgence in that she wants to spend a week in a 5 star resort and look over the ocean on occasion. She wants to actually be on the beach, relaxing in the sun. Barb is a beach person. So we have wandered a few of the east coast beaches. Several years ago I was working on a project in New York City. The family came to stay with me on Spring Break and Barb and the kids wandered New York City for the week. Barb got to see everything she wanted to see except for the Statue of Liberty. That one is still a bone of contention in the house between Barb and the kids. They were cold and didn’t want to go out to the Island the Statue is on. So they didn’t go. Barb and I need to head up to NYC and catch a Broadway show. It is on the list, timing the is the only limiter now. I guess based on 25 years you take the long approach to marriage not the short approach. It is probably not the right answer. Always do today what you can. Yesterday is passed, and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.


21 of 25

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