Date night at the Trojan Horse and remembering Greek Salads with huge chunks of Feta Cheese (I still don’t really like Feta Cheese but luckily I never have to eat it)!

Springmill Indiana. A favorite stop from my childhood and as an adult.DSCN0715 A recreated pioneer village.

My father loved taking historical trips around wherever we were. So, do I, so we made  a lot of these trips to various places in Indiana, Illinois and Ohio over the years. Barb is not as big a history buff as I am (we live now in the land of Civil War battles). Barb attended a conference in Manassas Virginia one time. She called me to say that there were a lot of monuments and trails all around the city. Why was that? she wondered. I mentioned there may have been a couple of critical civil war battles there in Manassas Virginia. She didn’t really care. History in her eyes is the past, fun to read about or wander a park reviewing, but not something you spend hours trying to get to. I did manage to get her to go occasionally but not often. Now, an art museum and she is there. On her tour of New York City she took the kids to every major downtown New York museum. She would have gone twice but once was all she could get them to let her do. Jakki also loves museums, the boys not so much!


Most of Barb and all of Nick Smile.

Another thing Barb is always up for is trying new restaurants. Spice palate must be controlled however. She isn’t into heavily spiced food. The time we spent in Paris she was happy to wander the city and try food from various places. We had coffee in the Latin Quarter and she was happy munching on a banqueted for lunch. In Thailand she struggled a little but made a valiant effort to try everything. Most things were beyond her “spice safe point” though. Just like a spoonful of fresh horseradish that was choked down the first time she met my father. There after when he handed her food to try she always started with “what is it” first. Barb’s very favorite food circle is Mediterranean. She loves the mix of flavors and spices that are served in that food. Luckily we have several really good Greek restaurants around the house now. Although we do make an annual pilgrimage to Trojan Horse in Bloomington Indiana. Barb actually worked there for more than 10 years. She was working there when I met her. We love the Trojan Horse. It was our Friday night date spot. Barb was working, so she would order Greek salad and a gyros for me. The Greek salad always came with big chunks of feta cheese that I don’t like. But when I was done eating my salad was always gone. Because Barb would wander by and nibble off my plate as she was working. I don’t know why but I remember those date nights to this day.

In the words of Charlie Brown love means never having to say you are sorry (it actually becomes having to mean you are sorry). But if you are lucky love also means you don’t have to eat things you don’t like because your partner loves them!!!!


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