In 25 years there are tears. There are smiles. There are fights and there are dreams. Here is to keeping the dreams alive for another 25!


It seems only fitting to end the 26 blogs of 25 years with our trip to Twinsburg Ohio in 1999.

Barb graduated from Social Work school with a masters in Social Work in 2011 (right before we moved) she was awarded highest honors. It was a struggle and a dream for her. She began the quest to gain education and find her place in the Suma Kum Laud Psychology/television major. She spent the first part of her early career as a service professional (while in college). She built the training system for new waitresses and was a lot more than a waitress at the restaurant. She spent the next part of her career in advertising. She was great at both but the calling to do more was always there. To be someone that helped others. She worked on a number of projects during the time she was “home” most of them full time jobs. She took them on and delivered them with aplomb and dispatch. Her willingness as a person to take on both the low (hard) and the high (praised) jobs made her invaluable. But always in the back of her mind was the thought that she wanted to help others. It takes guts to go from school to school, adding a masters to your life. It takes even more guts to take 10 years, start a family and still finish your bachelors degree. Many who do that fail. More fail than succeed once you get to the 7/8 year range for a bachelors degree. But Barb did it. She kept driving along her dream path.


Twinsburg Ohio, Twins festival 1999.

That passion is who Barb is. When her mother died it came back to her. She knew that even though she was older than almost all the other students (I think there were three her age or around her age when she started) she was going to do it. She was going to get her masters in Social Work. They say its 10,000 hours to master your profession, but there is a spark, a wonder a joy and a level of natural ability that you need as well. Barb works with dying children. If you can image, working with those who are dying (she does that as well) is tough. You are preparing a family to let go of a family member. She often has families that aren’t happy with each other or families that want to communicate. Add to that that she goes to help children that are dying. I struggle each time she mentions that she has 4 patients or 5. I can’t deal with the thought of dying children. But Barb not only deals with it, but helps make the transition better for the families losing this wonderful gift. To be amazed by something or someone at my age happens all the time. I find myself watching my children and being with pride. I am proud of my sisters and their husbands. My am proud of my mother. I am proud of my nieces and nephews.  I am always proud of my caring, loving and giving wife. She finds the good in every thing that happens.


26 of 25

I cannot say in words what it meant to me that day you said “let’s get married.” Except to say that I had written the words that shared what I felt then. Fittingly I didn’t share those for 15 years. Now here on our 25th thank you, for everything.

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