Alone together…

Swirling around me

An ebb and flow

Rising and falling

But always low tide

Quiet but loud

Silent but deafening

Each sound a

Single drop of water

In a sea

Lost but critical

Not seen but heard

Dripping into the moment

Into the expanding sea

And deafening

As if

Sound was its ally

Its camouflage

In which to hide

But yet

In the open

Never hiding.

I am the moment

I am the sound

The hustle



Water falling

Last ones seeing


But deafening

Why so loud

In that moment

You don’t wonder

But you worry

Can it be

Will we in



In finding


And in losing


By the sound of

A single drip

Into a sea

An ocean.

sustained by a billion drops


but bonded

one but many


but in the loud noise

in the deafening sound



Sandler Boggs

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