To be on the water, and why not to give 12 year olds a camera….


Water, it is the one thing I love. Images of lighthouses, or boats or just water. The sun gently setting onto the water. Settling in for a night of tree frogs and the gentle swaying of the boat. When I was very little I didn’t sleep well, except when my grandfather tooled around the lake in the boat. Then I slept. I think my poor mother was frazzled by the end of my childhood. I was a handful. But water was always my love. When we lived in Thailand we visited the beach. I have pictures of those beaches. Memories of playing in the water for hours. Of building in the sand and of being in and around the water. Memories of fresh crab and the delight that was fresh fish. I learned in Thailand as my parents said I would, that I actually liked fish. I just fish that is fresh from the ocean. Moving to Maryland has reminded me of how much I love fish. I can’t wait to head out early into he morning and go fishing again on the boat.


The kids love/d playing with the settings of the Olympus Camera. I still have one, because it is the most versatile camera I have ever owned. It allows you to be creative, but you can also dropt he camera, go underwater with it (to 40 feet) or even a case and go 350 feet underwater with it. It takes reasonably good pictures, not as good as my canon and significantly better than any of the phones currently in the house. Its not the number of megapixels but the quality of the lens that matters when taking pictures. It does a good job with video as well. Frankly I wish I had when I was learning to take pictures, a digital camera. I would have taken thousands of pictures (I have – take more than 80,000 pictures since getting my first digital camera in 1993). I imaging all the moment I would have missed hiding behind the camera so maybe not, but it would be nice to capture some of those lost moments. It is funny, because my kids grew up digital cameras and other my daughter Jakki, the boys avoid taking pictures. Oh well.


Max is my mother’s cat. Here sitting on the table of the screen in porch of their house on Kinser pike. We had many a wonderful conversation around that table when the bugs made actually going two feet further and being outside a little risky. <p, mad dad ;lived in that hours for around 20 years. There are a lot of photo memories from that house. Max is still around he moved with mom to the new house. Max is a cat that is used to living with dogs. He however retreated to the highest place he could be in while Raven was around. Raven probably would have gotten her nose scratched but she looks fierce. She is if she doesn’t know you, but once she knows who you are she is a fantastic dog. She has been with us for two years now. Dylan will be with us the first week of June for 4 years. Sadly the first of June is also when my father passed two years ago. So that becomes a bittersweet memory. Happy that Dylan joined us, said that Dad left us.


Family Historian

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