The 100 acre woods and lamenting neighborhood rules…


The IMA (Indiana Museum of Art) was given a large plot of land when it was founded. For many years that land sat unused. In the mid 2005 range they began a project they called the 100 acre woods. Fitting for an art museum to embark on a project from a beloved children’s book. To create a woods like the woods of Winnie the Pooh. Now in fairness I love Pooh but my favorite bear stories were those of Paddington Bear. I always like saying deepest , darkest, Lima Peru. Our first house in Cincinnati had a Paddington Bear room, it became Jakki’s room.  I used to read the Paddington Bear stories to my little sister. It was as much fun for me as it was for her. I had an to read the books, and she got someone to read to her. I am not as good about strictly reading books about fire cats however, as I wandered a little away from the story of Pickles the Fire Cat when it read that to Jakki years later.


They opened the new outdoor art gallery right before (the summer before in fact) we left Indianapolis. So we spent a warm summer day there in 2010. We had a blast. The exhibits (outdoor) were tremendous. Parking was a bear. I’ve written about this day before so not a lot more to share other than we had a great time. I love going to art museums. I find each one is a unique journey. I love to try and grasp the message of the painter’s work. Or, and often I miss the actual message, I love to create my own. Playing games with the faces to borrow from Paul Simon. Art is an appreciation, a connection that you create with someone that someone else created. I enjoy great music, and great music can be of any variety. I enjoy great art works. Sculpture, painting, mosaics, all are unique and all are something I enjoy viewing. I am not good at physical art, myself. I love look at it and enjoy trying to figure out the message. But I am not good at creating physical art.


One of the worst decisions I ever made. For several years we had a trampoline in the back yard. We spent as much time policing the trampoline (not from our kids) as we did enjoying it. Our rule was one kid on at a time. We had a few neighborhood boys whose philosophy was, rules aren’t real. So we spent a lot of time policing the trampoline. There was one young man I wish we had banned, but his parents wouldn’t have cared if we had. Sad I guess in the end. One of the nice things about our new house is we have a tall wooden privacy fence. I wish we had that in Indiana. It wasn’t allowed by the HOA, I think that was a mistake. It would have kept the yards much quieter than they ended up being. It is probably a good thing I never sat on the HOA board. I would have changed that rule pretty quickly.


Family Historian

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