2000 a vacation with no cell phones. It was tough then, I wonder if I could do it now…


There is a get away lake in the middle of “northern” Indiana called Wasatch. It has limited cellular connectivity no landlines and no technology. Fishing cabins are located on one side of a lake (man made). We spent a weekend there with the whole family. It was in 2000 and the fall. The place is beautiful and everyone got to relax. We had three of the cabins for our growing families. It was difficult to disconnect then, it is much harder now. When you have the world at your finger tips, letting the world go can be a huge ask. 16 years ago the boys were tiny (2 years old) the world of connectivity was just stretching its legs. Technology would expand and explode in just a couple of years after that vacation. But for that weekend, we were able to disconnect. To remove ourselves from the world of connection and for a time just be people.


Spontaneous humor, hear, see, say no evil. All of them sitting on a bench as we rowed by. The only powerboats on the lake were for the owners. I guess they didn’t like to row. I don’t mind rowing or paddling. You get there which is the goal of any trip right, to get there. It isn’t about the speed but the destination. Unless, sadly, you spend all the time you have on the journey and have nothing left to enjoy before you have to turn around and head back home again. Or back to the short. Or back to anywhere because the journey is over. Sometimes though, when the moment is right the journey is the goal. The path to the destination is as much a goal as the journey. Picking the right path, finding the right way as much the answer as the steps taken or the water rowed (or paddled). To be where you were meant to be.


This is of my father and my nephew. Starting/tending a fire. We took the kids fishing on that trip. No one really caught anything but it was an introduction. I learned to fish at Lake Ripley. Fishing is a personal sport, one of patience and quiet. I am looking forward to fishing in the Chesapeake Bay. Not for the challenge, but for the relaxation that happens when I go fishing. I also love fires outdoors. The smell of burning wood is relaxing. We have a fire pit on our patio and there are times into he spring when it is cold that we use the fire pit instead of the grill to cook dinner. Or roast marshmallows. Labradors love marshmallows, roasted or raw they actually don’t care. Actually I think Labs love being included in the pack. Part of the pack process is sharing. The alpha making sure that all the pack members get some food. Or its that they look for the biggest soft touch. Either way our Labs are usually clustered around me at meal times.


Family Historian

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