French Lick Indiana 2004


Oh geez Dad is off on another of his stories. Hey dad, we’ve heard this one before. Nick and Luke, French Lick Indiana 2004. The resort (and now there is also a casino) at French Lick is one of my favorite weekend get always. First off because once upon a time it was the place all the Chicago Mobsters went. The water near French Lick has healing powers or so the legend goes. They also have an amazing train museum and an actual working train you can ride along tracks no longer used commercially.  When I was younger I thought about being a chef. I applied for an was accepted to the West Baden Indiana branch of the CIA. (Culinary Institute of America) West Baden is located right next to French Lick and is where the other hotel (Long abandoned) sits.


Jakki in 2004. She is a unique kid. Not afraid of the world and not afraid to tell you that you are wrong. I am really proud of her. Jakki is a person that has many talents (like her mother) and sometimes based on that she struggles. When you can do a lot of things, picking one is hard. But when she is determined to get something done it happens.This image from French Lick still our vacation that spring was a trip down to French Lick. We used to, as I have said over and over (according to Nick’s face above) we used to take small weekend trips to the many state parks around Indiana. Or as I have already said Barb and my favorite, French Lick. Now we focus on Beach Vacations. I guess you go where you can where you are.


The majestic hotel in West Baden Indiana was once a marvel. It has the most amazing history as well. From failed renovations to hosting car shows, the hotel has seen a lot. It was abandoned for many years, after a failed renovation stripped the hotel of all its interior finery. Recently brought back to life, it is once again open but we haven’t been. Perhaps someday, but as I said (I know Nick, I will stop boring you by repeating) we are focused on beaches and water now for vacations. Its funny the evolution of your children from can we go somewhere with you? To what, you want us to go somewhere with you and be seen in public with you? That is cruelty. Why are you torturing us?


Family Historian

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